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Q: What are Fiber Optics?

A: Fiber Optics utilize pulses of light at varying wavelengths to transmit data across strands of glass over very long distances without the need for re-transmission or amplification.

Q: Are Fiber Optics new for Duncan Cable?

A: No, We have been utilizing Fiber optics as a backbone for our network since 1999.

Q: How is FTTH different than my current internet service?

A: With our current internet service, your computer sends and receives data using a modem, which communicates back and forth with our head end, from there it goes out to the rest of the internet. With a FTTH network, your computer is able to communicate directly with our head end, offering a faster, more reliable connection.

Q: What do I need to buy to connect my wireless devices?

A: A standard wireless router will connect directly to our equipment and allow you to connect with your laptop, phone and tablets. If your current internet is wireless you likely won't need to buy anything.


Q: Do I have to upgrade once FTTH comes to my area?


A: No, we will continue to offer and support our traditional modem and television services over our current coaxial network.



Q: What advantages does FTTH offer?


A: We will be able to offer speeds that are substantially faster than our current modem service. Speed will also be much more consistent since each customer has a direct connection to our head end. In addition, because of the simple nature of a fiber optic network, the service will be much more reliable.

Q: Will filling out the survey have any impact on when FTTH will come to my area?

A: Yes, absolutely. We will be compiling all the data we receive from this survey to see where the greatest demand for this new service is. It will be from this data that we will decide where to begin expanding our FTTH network to. 

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