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We've teamed up to bring High Speed Broadband Internet Service to the Wilmington and Dover Vermont communities. The demand for fast, dependable, and consistent Broadband Internet Service drives us to provide you with an outstanding service. 


DTiNET embodies all of these demands and will continue to outperform competitors because we are dedicated to using only the best current communications network technology. Let us fulfill all of your Internet connectivity needs!


A completed and signed DTiNET Service Agreement must be submitted prior to installation and activation of service.





Standard Service Levels


Please note, Duncan Telecommunications, LLC does not currently offer or support wireless routers.

To obtain wireless service, the customer is soley responsible for the purchase, configuration, and maintenance of a wireless router.

Standard Broadband

Our Standard Broadband internet service is our most popular, versatile, and capable solution to any consumer network demands. This service allows for seamless web-surfing, quick-video downloads/uploads, and smooth streaming, due to our unrivaled broadband speeds. Experience why so many customers choose our service over the competition!



  • 12Mbps Download / 1Mbps Upload  (with speed boost up to 20Mbps Down, if network resources are available)

  • Includes 350G Bandwidth/Mo

  • Note: No bandwidth in excess of 1TB per month is available


Price: $39.95/Mo

Bronze Broadband

Our Bronze Broadband tier of service is the economical solution for those who are on a budget and only have basic connectivity needs. If you just need to surf the web, check emails, and utilize social media, this might be the cost-effective solution for you!



  • 1Mbps Download / 256Kbps Upload

  • Includes 250G Bandwidth/Mo


Price: $24.95/Mo