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Duncan Cable/DTLLC celebrates its 50th Anniversary!

Founded in 1972 by Cliff & Diana Duncan, Duncan Cable has been family owned & operated for 50 years! We are the only true, LOCAL Internet Service Provider based right here in Wilmington, VT.

Give our local office a call at 802-464-2233 to discuss your Fiber Optic & Broadband Internet service needs, and experience what it's like to be serviced by LIVE, local people again!



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Are you interested in faster internet speeds over a state of the art Fiber-To-The-Home network? Fill out our survey linked below!



What is Fiber-To-The-Home?


Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) is the latest technology in the broadband industry. It utilizes glass fibers, which conduct light, to transfer data. Duncan Cable has been utilizing fiber in our network since 1999, however, we have always been restricted by the traditional copper coaxial wire we use to distribute our internet service to our valued customers. FTTH brings that fiber directly to you, allowing us to offer much faster speeds, on a network that is more reliable, at the literal speed of light. If you would like more information about FTTH please read the FAQ linked below.

Want to know if Fiber is already available in your area?

The Map below shows all areas we currently offer, or will soon offer our Fiber to the Home services.

Blue - Fiber is currently available

Green - Fiber is currently being built

Yellow - Area is currently in engineering

Red - Area is currently in early development

Our Team


Here at Duncan Telecommunications, LLC we are dedicated to providing our customers the most reliable, high-performance, and best overall broadband services possible. Our trained team of professionals will ensure that all of your internet needs are met.


Call to see why so many people choose DTiNET!




We leverage industry-leading technology to bring you the best high speed broadband experience possible.


If you are looking for blazing fast Internet speeds, stalwart reliability, and unparalleled service support, Duncan Telelcommunications, LLC has you covered!

Contact Us



(802) 464 2233

Duncan Telecommunications, LLC
Broadband Provider

P.O. Box 685
Wilmington, Vermont 05363




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